[Congress] J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference & Biotech Showcase, 11-15 January, 2021

[Congress] Biotech Showcase, January 11-15, 2021

Seeking for partners on drug discovery programs based on our Nanocyclix platform as next-generation kinase inhibitors.

Using its Nanocyclix® technology, Oncodesign identifies small macrocyclic molecules capable of inhibiting both known and unexplored kinases in a powerful and targeted manner

A large variety of kinase inhibitors are thus explored continuously, and the most promising inhibitor/targeted kinase combinations are selected for more in depth investigations. 

Oncodesign has built a project portfolio with promising potential to treat diseases with very substantial unmet medical needs. This portfolio contains both molecules already at an advanced stage of clinical development and molecules at an earlier stage of development.

Connect with Dr. Jan Hoflack - Chief Scientific Officer and Executive Director, Head of Biotech Business Unit – to discuss Oncodesign’s partnering and licensing opportunities:

  • A RIPK2 inhibitor at pre-IND stage with potential in multiple auto-immune and inflammatory indications is presented for partnering/out-licensing
  • Lead stage programs available for partnership on attractive kinases: MNK1/2, ALK1, ALK2, CK1, Pikfyve, CDK7, PI3K, RET, ...
  • Nanocyclix based partnerships on your kinase targets

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Are you looking for an innovation-based solutions and expertise provider in Drug Discovery?

Oncodesign is offering DRIVE-IDDS™ an Integrated Drug Discovery Services for the discovery of new chemical entities from hits finding to clinical candidate as a one-stop-shop.

Fabrice Viviani - General Manager and Senior Executive Vice-President, Head of Oncodesign Service Business Unit - will attend Biotech Showcase and JP Morgan Healthcare Conference. He will be pleased to introduce our technology platforms supporting translational research from the early stages of the drug discovery process up to clinical candidate generation - a real driver of innovation, acceleration & success for your NCE programs.

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[Congress] [FR] E-Senotech, 1st Congress on Breast Health in the Digital Age

[Congress] [FR] E-Senotech, 1st Congress on Breast Health in the Digital Age

Connected objects, artificial intelligence and big data are an integral part of our daily life.

Discover at E-SENOTECH how these innovations help to identify the problems of resistance to cancer treatments.

Breast cancer is still a public health issue in France and around the world.

Technological innovations are enabling considerable progress in the prevention & treatment of breast cancers, which is why the ICANS | Institute of Cancerology is offering you the SENOTECH congress.

Scientists, industrials, institutions, health professionals & patient representatives will be present to address the various topics of the day & answer your questions.

Come & listen the Big Data session on December 11st, 2020 at 11am co-animated by Sébastien Vachenc, Head of Data Science Labs.

[Talk][FR] Large-scale genomics to orient breast cancer treatment

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[Congress] Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals Summit, 8-10 December 2020

[Congress] Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals Summit, 8-10 December 2020

Oncodesign participates for the first time with its new partner ABX-CRO at the Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals Summit !

Discover a brand new alliance to serve therapeutic and diagnostic program needs in Discovery, Preclinical, Clinical I/II/III

The development of theranostics requires highly specific expertise and strong collaboration between preclinical and clinical development. Oncodesign and ABX-CRO will present together the prerequisite going into Clinical Phase I and how to evaluate key criteria in preclinical phase.

Register now and take advantage of a 20% discount on your registration thanks to Oncodesign with the code “Onco20

[Talk] It takes 2 to Tango: Path from Preclinical to Clinical Phase I for Imaging and Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals
When? Wednesday 9 December at 1:40pm

Come & listen to Dr. Berthet during his LIVE scientific presentation. He will unveil how Oncodesign-ABX joined expertise and our multi-modal pharmaco-imaging & targeted radiotherapy platforms available to our clients to move their theranostic projects faster.

  • Discovery & Preclinical Pharmacology
  • Radiolabeling & Pharmaco-Imaging
  • Systemic Targeted Radiotherapy
  • DMPK, Bioanalysis, Dosimetry
  • Toxicology
  • Radioactive IND/IMPD development
  • Clinical study management I/II/III

Working as a translational team, Oncodesign and ABX-CRO joined know-how from the radiolabeling to late stage development provides optimum research solutions for diagnostic imaging and targeted radiotherapy.

[Panel discussion] Development of theranostics from Preclinical to Clinical Phase I
When? Wednesday 9 December at 2:20pm
[Virtual booth] You can also speak with the team at any time during the conference on Oncodesign/ABX shared virtual booth!

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Emilie Soulier, Cyril Berthet, Eftychia Koumarianou and Maik Rossmann will be connected to answer all your questions.

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[Congress] Infectious Diseases Virtual Partnering - 2- 4 December 2020

[Congress] Infectious Diseases Virtual Partnering - 2-4 December 2020

Oncodesign is engaged and committed to help finding therapeutic solutions and innovative treatments against pandemic COVID-19 disease.
We offer solutions to evaluate innovative preventive and therapeutic strategies both on COVID-19 infection but also on its associated complications, such as cytokine storm or lung fibrosis in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome!

Discover our in vitro and in vivo models:

  • In vitro models: cell and biochemical assays
    In vivo models: non-human primates and Golden Syrian hamster

Our team will unveil our continuum of specialties to unlock the scientific padlocks linked to COVID-19.

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