[Congress] EMIM !NEW DATES! 25-28 August 2020 – Thessaloniki – Greece

[Congress] EMIM  NEW DATES 25-28 August 2020 – Thessaloniki –  Greece

LAST MINUTE INFORMATION: Given the rapidly evolving COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, the 15th European Molecular Imaging Meeting have been POSTPONED at the 25-28 August.

Our teams remains available for any of your projects. Don't hesitate to contact us!

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 Meet Cyril Berthet, Pharmaco-imaging Unit Director, at EMIM!

It takes 2 to tango: compound labeling and complementary imaging approaches to show how your compound works & targets the right patient.  

Through pharmaco-imaging, the results of preclinical studies can influence the early decision to continue or interrupt the development of a drug candidate. In the clinical development phase, imaging offers an exceptional opportunity to follow the drug in humans with the same techniques developed during the preclinical phase. Novel therapies are converging towards precision medicine, for which pharmaco-imaging is indispensable to all players in the drug development cycle – from the pharmaceutical industry to clinicians – to ensure that the most appropriate treatments are being matched to the needs of the patient.

Explore our multi-modal pharmaco-imaging & targeted radiotherapy expertise for your preclinical projects:

  • Design & implementation of the radionuclide labeling of your chemical or biological molecules of interest
  • Biodistribution of therapeutic drugs using non-invasive techniques
  • Development of translational nuclear medicine biomarkers
  • Evaluation of targeted radiotherapy efficacy

[Congress] I/O Summit – 9-12 March – London

[Congress] I/O Summit – 9-12 March – London

Meet Jean-François Mirjolet, Head of in vitro Sciences Department & Experimentation Division and Mike Brown, Business Account Manager at I/O Summit!

Comprehensive solution to predict your drug efficacy in immuno-oncology

Immunological cell death (ICD) is a form of cancer cell death induced by radiotherapy, photodynamic therapy and chemotherapeutic agents.
Unlike apoptosis or necrosis, ICD can induce an effective immune response directed against the tumor whereby both dendritic cells and T lymphocytes are mediators of this response.
Dying cancer cells recruit and activate immune cells by releasing damage-associated molecular patterns (DAMPs).

Come & listen to Jean-François Mirjolet depicting our innovation solution for ICD.

[Talk] Immunogenic cell death, a novel screening platform integrating tumor cells and immune cells co-culture assays

[When] Tuesday 10th March -  9:40-10:10  -  Immunomodulatory Approaches stream


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[Congress] Innovation for Health – 13 February – Rotterdam

[Congress] Innovation for Health – 13 February – Rotterdam

Oncodesign has developed a service culture, based on innovation, quality & rapidity.  Come & listen to Xavier Morge as he will unveil how we make our expertise & research platforms available to our clients to move their strategic & complex discovery projects faster along with a high degree of quality.

A unique opportunity to meet leading innovators, to catch up on the latest trends, to present cutting-edge innovations and to engage in Life Sciences & Health. 

[Title]Integrated Drug Discovery Services with a "Pharmaceutical Mindset”

[When]: 12th February 1.30 pm -2.45 pm

Discover our unique Drug Discovery platform from patient to diagnostic and across various therapeutic areas!

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[Congrès] 3ème journée probiotiques et microbiotes intestinal – 4 February – Lyon

[Congress] 3ème journée probiotiques et microbiotes intestinal – 4 February – Lyon

« At the forefront of precision medicine using microbiota signature»

Emilie Soulier, Business Account Manager will be present at "3ème journée probiotiques et microbiotes intestinal " in Lyon.

It is now known that the human microbiota, which consists of a wide variety of microorganisms, plays a much larger role in human health and disease than previously assumed.
Even if the causality is not always established, a microbial imbalance or dysbiosis has been reported in several diseases. It includes cancer, colitis, atopic dermatitis, diabetes, liver and lung fibrosis, multiple sclerosis, etc.

Oncodesign has developed models for pathologies related to microbiota disorders and therefore can customize studies for programs from preclinical to early clinical phases.
Our thorough technologic and scientific knowledge in various therapeutic areas i.e. oncology, inflammatory and infectious diseases, allow us to support the development of microbiota-based therapies.

The influence of the microbiota on the effectiveness of cancer treatments, such as immunotherapies, has begun to be widely characterized in humans.
It allowed the identification of beneficial or harmful bacteria and so to diagnostic or predictive drug efficacy biomarkers.

In this context, different approaches can be conceived to shape the gut microflora in order to reestablish anti-cancer immune responses in murine cancer models:

  • probiotics that are products favoring the proliferation and function of beneficial bacterial species,
  • probiotics – it consist of single or mixtures of live bacterial species - a category that can also include bacteriophages i.e viruses that kill bacteria with high target specificity-
  • fecal material transplant (autologous or allogeneic).

I want to know more about your microbiota expertise