2010 - PET Study with [11C]Choline and its derivates in the human hormonedependent prostate cancer rat-xenograft-tumor-model PAC120

D. Kukuka, O. Raguinc, H. Wehrla, C. Calaminusa, A. Schmida, V. Honndorfa, S. Wiehra, O. Duchampc, W. Ehrlichmannb, J. Mannheima, G. Reischlb and B.J. Pichlera 

aUniversity of Tuebingen, bRadiopharmacy, PET center, cOncodesign.


2010 - Amuvatinib (MP-470), a multi-targeted tyrosine kinase inhibitor and DNA repair suppressor, synergizes with Etoposide (VP-16) in Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC) cell lines and xenografts

P. Tavernaa, L. Huanga, G. Choya and M. Azaba 

aSuperGen, Inc.


2010 - In vivo characterisation of orthotopic prostate tumor and healthy rat prostate metabolism using 1H-MRS at 4.7 T

X. Tizona, P. Proventa, S. Parfaitb, c, G. Créhanged, J. Mitéranb, c, P. Gennea, F. Brunotteb, c, d, O. Duchampa and P. Walkerb, c 

aOncodesign, bLE2I, cCNRS UMR 5158, dCGFL


2010 - Oncodesign translational drug discovery process

J.F. Mirjoleta, F. Bichata, X. Tizona, G. Serina, Z. Kooba, O. Duchampa, P. Bloma, C. Bertheta, P. Gennea and J. Hoflacka