2009 - Is there a species specific uptake of [11C]Choline and [18F]FECh in xenograft-models in prostate cancer ?

D. Kukuka, V. Honndorfa, H.F. Wehrla, G. Reischlb, O. Raguinc, A. Schmida, S. Wiehra, J. Mannheima, D. Bukalaa, O. Duchampc, W. Ehrlichmannb, M.S. Judenhofera and B.J. Pichlera

aUniversity of Tuebingen, bRadiopharmacy, PET center, cOncodesign


2009 - Small Animal PET/MRI: an in vivo study in oncology using a U-87 MG mouse glioma model

M.S. Judenhofera, H.F. Wehrla, N. Bauera, J. Mannheima, O. Raguinb, V. Barib, O. Duchampb, G. Reischlc and B.J. Pichlera

aUniversity of Tuebingen, bOncodesign, cRadiopharmacy, PET center


2009 - Humanized mouse model for in vivo antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity evaluation

J.F. Mirjoleta, C. Mignarda, M. Hillairet de Boisferona, O. Duchampa, F. Bichata and P. Gennea



2009 - DCE-MRI as a tool to detect tumor vasculature normalization by E7820, a novel angiogenesis inhibitor

Y. Funahashia, T. Sembaa, T. Uenakaa, T. Sembaa, X. Tizonb, G. Serinb, F. Bichatb and B. Sourzatb

aEisai Co., Ltd., bOncodesign