2008 - Enhanced drug delivery to brain tumors with a new paclitaxel-peptide conjugate

F. Bichata, M. Demeuleb, B. Lawrenceb, O. Raguina, B. Sourzata, R. Gabathulerb, JP. Castaigneb, and P. Gennea

aOncodesign, bAngiochem


2008 - Enhanced efficacy of therapy of anti-CD20 antibody with Locked Nucleic Acid antisense oligonucleotide targeting Bcl-2 in human Burkitt's lymphoma xenografts

A. Molhart Hoga, M. Hillairet de Boisferonb, F. Bichatb, H. Frydenlund Hansena, J. Worma and J. Bo Hansena 

aOncodesign, bSantaris Pharma


2008 - The steroid sulfatase inhibitor BN83495 inhibits E1S-stimulated growth of DMBA-induced mammary tumours in rat

G. Prévosta, Z. Koobb, M. Hillairet de Boisferonb, F. Bichatb, JF. Mirjoletb, S. Blancha, A. Pereza, BVL. Potterc, M. Reedc, and T. Alia

aIpsen, bOncodesign, cSterix


2008 - Evaluation of PET tracer uptake in mouse xenograft models of hormone-dependent prostate cancer

D. Kukuka, G. Reischlb, O. Raguinc, S. Wiehra, F. Caya, D. Bukalaa, O. Duchampc, U. Hagemannb, JM. Judenhofera, HJ. Machullab, and BJ. Pichlera

aUniversity of Tuebingen, bRadiopharmacy, PET center, cOncodesign