2005 - Evaluation of the BCNU chemosensitivity of a panel of glioma models in relation with vessel size index, blood volume and diffusion MR imaging parameters

N. Justa, O. Duchampa, B. van der Sandenb, H. Lahrechb, N. Guilbauda,

P. Gennea, C. Rémyband C. Segebarthb aOncodesign, bINSERM U594


2005 - The VEGF receptor inhibitor KRN951 decreases vascular permeability in tumors and inhibits tumor growth: an analysis using dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging

K. Nakamuraa, E. Taguchia, T. Miuraa, F. Bichatb, N. Justb, O. Duchampb,

P. Walkerc, N. Guilbaudb and T. Isoea
aKirin Brewery Co., bOncodesign, cINRA/CNRS, dLaboratory of Biophysics, Faculty of Medecine, Dijon


2005 - Gene expression profile analysis of paclitaxel-induced changes in the MDA-MB231 human breast cancer xenograft model

A. Groulet-Martineca, O. Duchampc, A. Gonçalvesb, V. Forestiera, N. Boriea,

S. Debonoa, V. Ferta, P. Gennec, A. Kokia and N. Guilbaudc
aIpsogen, bInstitut Paoli-Calmettes, cOncodesign


2004 - DCE-MRI assessment of responses to hormonotherapy in preclinical breast and prostate cancer models in rats

O. Duchampa, P. Walkerb, A. Bataillea, P. Gennea, F. Brunotteb, F. Bichata,

N. Justa and N. Guilbauda
aOncodesign, bLaboratory of Biophysics, Faculty of Medicine, Dijon