2003 - Antitumour, Pharmacokinetics and distibution studies of diflomotecan admistered and distribution studies of diflomotecan administered intravenously to Nude rats xenografted with human NSCLC H460 lung tumour cells

C. Celmaa, C. Perairea, R. Obacha, F. Bichatb, N. Guilbaudb,

P. Genneband P. Principec
aIpsen Pharma, bOncodesign, cBeaufour Ipsen


2002 - Microsphere-encapsulated 4OH-Tamoxifen : a new sustained release delivery system with antitumour activity against DMBA-induced mammary carcinoma in Sprague-Dawley rat

P. Auvraya, F. Bichata, G. Griffon-Etienneb, A. Bataillea, N. Guilbauda,

E. Vuaridelb, A. Carriob, M. Bayssasb, P. Gennea
aOncodesign, bDEBIOPHARM


2002 - Antitumor activity study of Vinorelbine against human PC-3 prostate tumor xenografted in Nude rats

F. Bichata, N. Gyselinckb, A. Bataillea, O. Duchampa, P. Auvraya, M. Vincentib, P. Gennea

aOncodesign, bLaboratoires Pierre Fabre Oncologie


2001 - In vivo screening of anticancer agents for intratumor (IT) treatment glioma in combination with Epinephrine (EP)

P. Gennea, O. Duchampa, F. Saint-Geneza, J.F. Bissona, M. Weib,

M.F. Pouponc and B. Chauffertd
aOncodesign, bMedicine Faculty of Bobigny, cCurie Institute, dINSERM U517